Rob Zombie

Quote one

“I like movies where you can come back and re-watch them and admire the cinematography 25 years later.” -Rob Zombie

Student Statement 

Rob Zombie is not only a musician but a film maker. He loves creating art; Dark art, but- art. He constantly tries to push the limits and go places no one has ever gone before, which is why I adore this quote. He wants to impress the world with his creativity.

Quote two (support)

I really just do what I like.” -RZ

Student Statement 

Rob creates to please himself. He tells stories with his work and shares it with the world. He couldn’t care less if his work is disliked by the general public, the art he makes are creations he is/was incredibly proud of. He will continue to create and produce things he enjoys, and if others like it too, its a win win situation.

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Corey Taylor

Quote one

“Technology has reached the point where any boob can walk into a studio and with a little Auto-Tuning you can have a hit song. I think it’s pathetic.” -Corey Taylor

Art is something you can look at/watch/listen to and feel the emotion and dedication put into it. Corey is expressing his frustration with people who quickly make something and get more credit than they probably deserve. Some people spend years trying to get recognition for their hard work. It’s almost unfair to people who went over countless obstacles to get less recognition than people who barely tried.

Quote Two

“I write almost all my songs on an acoustic guitar, even if they turn into rock songs, hard rock songs, metal songs, heavy metal songs, really heavy songs… I love writing on an acoustic because I can hear what every string is doing; the vibrations haven’t been combined in a collision of distortion or effects yet.” – CT

This just shows how much Corey loves what he does. He is in love with music. HE loves the art he makes. Love and dedication creates the most beautiful things. People may see Slipknot as a “devil worshiping” band. But not the case.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Try to give a more in-depth explanation and examples of art. Relate the two quotes and reflections to your statement and give an example in the artistic statement. Also, try to make your quotes stand out more with a bolder font in italics.🙂

  2. Really well formatted but if you could elaborate about how what they do link to their art in your quote analysis then this would be perfect

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