Aesthetics Project – Jules


Robin Williams

Quote One

You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it. 


Robin Williams had a mind full of jokes and silly stories. He knew how to make someone smile even if he was at his worst. Robin wasn’t afraid of his madness he embraced it! He brought his entire self into his acting and his comedy,  and thats why Robin Williams is my father in comedy. 





 I don’t do things for the response or for the controversy. I just live my life.


 Rihanna is known for her phenominal voice and outfits, in my opinion the quote is reflecting on her own outrageous carefree personality having gone through drama in the past decade she’s been in the music scene. But she continues to live life as if nobody is watching, and I really admire that. 


Overall Reflection

I believe art can be expressed in many ways, shapes and forms, for there is an art to many things. However, being you and staying grounded in your own self is very important, because once you loose yourself you loose the art. What I get out of these two very talented artists is that self expression whether thats through clothes, music, drama or even a character can make all the difference to carries that weight of a spotlight on their shoulders. 


7 thoughts on “Aesthetics Project – Jules

  1. i couldn’t agree more, art can be expressed in more than one way. Art, whether it is through acting, painting, singing, using talents with instruments, and so so so much more. Art allows you to express not just yourself, but another personal to whatever it is you are completing.

  2. I like how you explained Robin Williams’ love for making people laugh. I also thought the part at the end where you said that Robin Williams was your father was a funny and creative touch. – Madison Adams 3rd period

  3. You need to tell in your quote analysis what they do for art or what art does for them or how they express themselves with the art they distribute. Otherwise really well formatted and good reflection

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