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 Misha Collins

I choose Misha Collins. Misha Collins is an actor, he’s well known for being on the 11 year running show, Supernatural.”misha-collins

“Be kind to yourself so you can be happy enough to be kind to the world”

This quote is amazing because people are bringing themselves down each day and try to give kindness to others and the world, and how are they supposed to do that when they are not happy? It can drive a person to get hurt and not a healthy state.  This relates to theatre because don’t try to entertain people if yo yourself don’t like what your doing. 


“We are only bound to the limits of our imagination” 

This quote I choose shows that you can. Doubt is a normal thing to have but it’s also not positive thing to have. If you have an idea you got to go for it because if you don’t you can never said that you tried. This relates to theatre because it does not matter how crazy or hard an idea sounds tell it and it has a high possibility of being accomplished


Shane koyczan

I choose Shane Koyczan. Shane wrote a poem and it became a project called “To this day..” It’s a very well known poem that came out in 2014. The poem is about  anti-bullying

shane-koyczan-2012“You are an artist. Whether it is with food or building robots, you will know your medium the instant you realize how in love you are with what it brings out of you .” 

This quote is from a poem he wrote called “How to be a person.” This quote shows the art in whatever you do, if its from playing the guitar to singing, to making people smile, as long as you love doing it, that’s all it takes to be an artist. This relates to theatre because if you don’t love what theater is you probably won’t have fun and you won’t enjoy yourself.

“Like an avalanche, we are strongest when we let go. Like a flower, we are most beautiful when we open up.”

This quote is from one of his poems. This quote tells you that your amazing on the inside and there is no need hiding that. Be who you are because, when everyone sees what you love do to or love to be, it can bring an amazing character out of you. This relates to theatre because when we open up to be our self’s in theater you wont be able to show people what you can bring out of yourself.


My quote

“Don’t fear what others think, because in the long run, you will be more happy than people who bring people down by judgment because they can’t see happiness within themselves.”

Being insecure is really hard to get over but as long as you try life fears will eventually subsides and you will be much much happier in life.  This relates to theatre because people might make fun of you because your up on stage acting, and that may be silly to some people, so all you have to do is learn how to be yourself.



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