Robin Williams and Jimi Hendrix

Robin Williams and Jimi Hendrix were both very influential people while they were alive and their legacy still lives on which makes sense because of how big the impact was they left on this earth. Jimi Hendrix did it through his music and really connecting with people on a personal level hoping people would forget about the false riches that swallow up the world and really concentrate on what’s real and what really truly matter. Robin Williams did it through his acting, a world re known actor for multiple films, he used this pedistool to inspire people to pursue their dreams and not to be afraid of the impossible.

When asked is music had a meaning this was Hendrix’s response, “We want our sound to go into the soul of the audience, and see if it can awaken some little thing in their minds… ‘Cause there are so many people not seeing” -Jimi Hendrix

I really like this because it showed Jimi Hendrix didn’t make music just to make money but he really wanted to make change with his music due to the fact that people go through the motions and don’t really truly live life so his goal was to awaken those people and hope that they see the true joys in life and not be to be controlled by social norms.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” -Jimi Hendrix

This is a strong statement by Hendrix and I feel like he tried to persuade people that this is true through his music and career by being an individual who wasn’t afraid to stand up for what he believe in and he showed this in the lyrics of his songs.

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it” -Robin Williams

This is a quote by Robin Williams and it shows that he used his spark in a way not very many could because of how many people he affected through his films and his career in general. He gave people something to be happy about and laugh about while at the same time they are being inspired to do great things because of quotes like this one. He used his art to be his spark and he used it in a powerful way and you can see this by how many people were affected by his death.

“Comedy is acting out optimism”-Robin Williams

Williams said this and even though it’s a pretty short quote is is pretty powerful. Williams was a very optimistic guy and the way he showed this was through his comedy. He expressed his idea and feelings through comedy which allowed him to accomplish his goals through an art that many people take for granted when to Williams it was his way to act out optimism which ultimately made people happy and optimistic because of his works.

I see art as something very special. Everyone likes at least one form of art and what that piece of art means to someone is something special because it’s a way to truly express how you are genuinely feeling regardless what others think because of how accepted art is because of its broad ranges of how it can be perceived. Art gives people a way to forget about the real world and appreciate the deeper and simple things at the same time which is something special.




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