Tupac Shamir and Louise Nevelson

“If we’re saying that rap is an art form then we got to be more responsible for our lyrics. If you see everybody dying because of what you’re saying, it don’t matter that you didn’t make them die, it just matters that you didn’t save them.” – Tupac Shakur

Being a song writer myself, this quote makes me think about what i’m writing about. Tupac is expressing the importance of lyrics. Sure, music is good, but the music that’s great are the ones that tell a story and help people. Molly Kate Kestner did this perfectly with “His Daughter”. Her songs helped people and made them feel emotion instead of just getting stuck in their head. I think that is what a writer should strive for.


“I want to grow. I want to be better. You grow. We all grow. We’re made to grow. You either evolve or you disappear.” – Tupac Shakur

This is important for all artists. You have to grow in your art because the world is always changing. If you don’t make your art relevant to the world at the time, it will disappear. The media is always presenting something new, and whatever was on the media yesterday isn’t there today. You have to constantly be growing to be relevant to the world it seems.


“I never feel age… if you have creative work, you don’t have age or time” – Louise Nevelson

In this quote she is expressing the impact of creativity. Creativity lasts forever. If you have a creative brain you can do the same project over and over and it would look different every time. This kind of gives another meaning to “living in your own creativity”. She’s saying that you’re not only living in it but it controls your life to the fullest, to the point where you feel like you don’t age.


“I think most artists create out of despair. The very nature of creation is not a performing glory on the outside, it’s a painful, difficult search within.” – Louise Nevelson

Artists do hard work, and they go through hard times as well. A lot of their inspiration comes from the dark places in their lives, and the only way they can express that is through a piece of art. Personally, my best songs have come from when I have an emotion to pour in to it. These are also the songs that make people cry or mean the most to me. Creativity doesn’t come from your hands or feet or vocal cords or an instrument. It comes from the mind and the heart. You have to have something to want to portray to make a good, creative piece of art.


Emotion is powerful, but art is just as powerful, if not more. So when I am doing a piece of art, I’m able to put as much emotion in to it as I want. With people or writing or other forms of release, it seems like there’s a cap to how much you can put in. People can only take so much, or they don’t understand you. Sometimes words can’t describe what you’re going through. But art is limitless. My art is my art. I can put everything I can into it and at least portray what i’m feeling alittle bit to others.



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