• Big cultural movement
    • inspired by cultural diffusion, which lead to new ideas and technologies
      • Printing press was biggest invention
  • New societal movements
    • Humanism was a very important one
      • Questioned human potential on earth
        • Led to more enthused look on sciences
  • New forms of art
    • Realism
      • Made art more life-like
    • Emotion
      • Made the viewer feel something when seeing it
    • Perspective
      • Gave depth to paintings
  • The Church
    • Largest figure in European history, challenged only by the Greek/Roman empire
    • Corrupt
      • Caused the Protestant reformation.
        • Lots of death


  • Shakespeare
    • Never attended Uni
    • Wrote some of the most famous plays in history
    • Was born in April, 1564
  • Thomas Kyd
    • Born 1558
    • Wrote foundation for Hamlet


  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Julius Caesar
  • Hamlet


  • Shakespeare’s theatre
    • “Globe theatre”
    • Rectangular with open ceiling for light
  • Lighting
    • Started in the afternoon because they needed natural light
      • Could perform 10-11 plays a day
  • Sound
    • Used physical effects for sound effects
      • Actually fired a cannon for a cannon sound
    • Rolled drums around for thunder effect
  • Make Up
    • Heavy make up because women couldn’t perform in the plays
      • So the guys would use white make up and be the women
    • Wore nice clothing
      • Dyed clothes symbolized wealth




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