English Renaissance


  • Queen Victoria ruled for 45 years and allowed the arts to thrive
  • Age plagued by religious and physical conflict
  • Clothes determined your social class

Plays and Playwrights

  • William Shakespeare – The most known playwright today
    • Some plays include
      • Julius Caesar
      • A Midsummer’s Night Dream
      • Romeo and Juliet
  • Thomas Kyd
    • Best known play
      • The Spanish Tragedy
  • Ben Johnson
    • Best Known play
      • Volpone

Conventions of Theater

  • Lighting
    • Done with candles or early in the day since there were no electrical lights
  • Stage
    • Most notable is “Globe Theater”, Shakespeare’s stage
  • Costumes
    • Brightly colored so the actors were still visible in the dark
    • Often helped portray gender since all actors were male
    • Very expensive
  • Sounds
    • Often used instruments to signify what kind of character was entering the scene
    • Other sounds were actually what they were supposed be such as a cannon was an actual cannon in the play.



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