Preparing for the 2014 Theatre History Project

This blog is dedicated to the creation of an annual project that explores the vast history of theatrical expression.

We will engage in the research for the project beginning in January, 2014, but there are some other aspects of our learning that could use some expression now… before we begin our “official” exploration. These learning experiences are no less “historical” in scope than delving into thousands of years of humanity expressing itself through agents of action upon the stage.

So while this will remain a Theatre History Project, we insert ourselves into the timeline, rightly so, because we are the agents of action for this age.

We’ve begun the year with an exploration of the evolution of human thought regarding the aesthetics of theatre… it’s value as art, it’s intermingling of the expression of truth and beauty. Students have been asked to seek out and research statements from a variety of artists and philosophers: what have people through the years said about art and it’s value to culture and the individual?

Their journey began here… with a playlist of statements regarding art, truth, beauty, and artistic expression:

Truth, Art, and the Philosophy Thereof

The next collection of posts will immerse us in the student’s findings and reveal their journey from stimulus to synthesis… eventually creating their own unique expression of the value of art for them.

Be prepared. Pack a lunch. It should be an interesting ride…


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